Praise Song for My Brother (Hannah Thomas)

You are
the sky to me
clear and bright and endless

You are
laughter to me
loud and happy and peeling

You are
sugar to me
sweet and small and fine

You are
the computers software to me
the Indiana Jones adventure to me
the pajama-wearing Sunday to me

Comforting, Comforting

Stop hugging me, it’s annoying you said.

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Hattiesburg Family Photographer

Can you believe 2015 has come and gone?! Did you meet the goals you set for yourself? Every year, I set a few photography goals, hoping that I meet them. In 2015, I wanted to learn to shoot film, be published, and enter photo competitions, regardless of my fear of defeat.

I’m happy to say that I did learn to shoot film. I have both a 35mm and 645n and love them. I was published in 5 magazines last year! And, I won 2nd place in an international image competition.

Here’s a look back at 2015. Thanks for sticking with me 🙂


I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family of four on Veteran’s Day. And, what a blessing it was! Dad is active duty, and I was completely humbled to meet him. These two sweet boys are just absolutely precious! They gave me hugs and high fives several times throughout the session! We talked about humuhumunukunukuapua’a, snakes and planes! Pure boys! They gave mom the biggest hugs and even had a tickle fight with dad! And the fall weather was perfect!

It was my pleasure to photograph this gorgeous family. Enjoy!

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I am always thrilled when a client returns. I’ve been photographing this sweet family since little Benton was a newborn. It’s such a joy to watch my families grow! Little sister Baylor LOVES her daddy! Sara and Benton have the sweetest and most loving bond. And, sweet Abe, our four-legged friend. He really loves handing out kisses and getting belly rubs 🙂

Thank you so much for coming back year after year! XOXO!

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I’m so excited to announce that I won 2nd place in the Siblings Category of NAPCP’s July 2015 International Image Competition!

This image was taken with my Canon Eos 3 with a 35L lens, Fuji 400H film rated at 100 and processed by The Find Lab.NAPCP Winner | HCS Photography by Heather StockettCONTACT ME to book your session today!